Tigray Region Emergency Health Response and Reinitiating of Essential Health Services.


The Government of Ethiopia is providing humanitarian response and reinitiating of essential services in Tigray in collaboration with partners for the last one month. As such, the Ministry of Health is providing and facilitating the delivery of life saving and essential medications and supplies and working on reinitiating health anf nutritional services in collaboration with other sectirs and humanitarian partners. To site the main activities so far;

Delivery of medicines and supplies

Tirunesh Beijing Hospital received a donation of medical supplies worth 8.3 million birr

Dr. Lia Tadesse

Minister of Health Dr. Lia Tadse and State Minister of Health Dr. Derje Duguma, Vice Minister of China National Health Commission Dr. Cao Xuetao had a discussion with the health team led by Ethiopia and China about the good relations and cooperation as well as the health work that can be done together in the future. A signature was also signed for medical supplies worth 8.3 million birr for Tirunesh Beijing Hospital.

Minister of Health Dr. Lia Tadese visited Sansheng Pharmaceutical Factory in Eastern Industrial Zone.


The Sansheng Pharmaceutical factory in the Eastern Industrial Zone of Dukem City, Oromia Region was visited.

Various pharmaceutical products produced by Sunsheng Pharmaceutical Factory were visited, from the warehouse to the distribution room. The Minister of Health, Dr. Lia Tadese, who attended the visit, praised company for its quality process of production of the medicines.