The Ministry of Health has launched a new website

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Dr. Daniel Gebremichael, Senior Adviser to the Minister of Health, said the new website will provide a comprehensive and organized information and is attractive and user friendly to respective users and stakeholders.

Dr. Daniel said the old website lacked updated information and users complained that it was not easy to navigate. He added, the new website is well-organized, user-friendly and includes E-Library, Online Voluntary and Donation Services, Compliant lodging form, TV Channel, Digital Health Systems, Strategies, guidelines, Research and study reports and many more for any client both in country and abroad. 

The launch of the new website was announced at the 23rd National Annual Review Meeting of the Health Sector in Jijiga and the Minister of Health, Dr. Lia Tadesse, thanked all those who contributed to the development and realization of the new website.