One WaSH National Program (OWNP)

The One WASH National Program (OWNP) is a sector wide approach (SWAp) established with the broad objectives of achieving universal access to water, sanitation and hygiene services to all people in Ethiopia following the promulgation of official policies, strategies and development plans. It has five components: Rural and Pastoral WASH; Urban WASH; Institutional WASH;Climate resilient WaSH  and Program Management and Capacity Building. 
The OWNP is functional since 2013 and the basis for the program is the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) and the WASH Implementation Framework (WIF) signed by the four ministries (Water, Irrigation and Energy; Health; Education; and Finance). 

The Program’s Development objective is to contribute towards improving the health and well-being of populations in rural and urban areas of Ethiopia. The immediate, first step, objective of the program is to achieve increased coverage of improved and sustainable water supply and sanitation services. 
The WIF sets out four guiding principles that govern the implementation of the Program: Integration of the water, health, education and finance sectors; Alignment of partners’ activities with those of the Government of Ethiopia; Harmonization of partners’ approaches and activities; and Partnership between implementing parties at all levels. 

The OWNP also rests on three overarching pillars (creating an enabling environment and good governance; maximizing availability and efficient use of human and financial resources to create demand for better WASH services; and capacity development for improved delivery of WASH services at all levels). 
The program advocates for one plan, one budget and one report.