Legal Affairs Executive Office

  1. Legal Service Executive Office
  2. Executive Office Description:-

Our Ministry is an Executive organ of the federal government which its establishment is currently defined under article 16 (16) of proclamation no.1263/2021 which is issued for the purpose of defining the powers and duties of the executive organs of the federal government. After being established as one of the executive organs of the federal government, the powers and duties of the Ministry are defined under article 35 of the proclamation. This provision of the law gives the Ministry the overall power and responsibility of taking care of the health of the nation through employing preventive, curative, and rehabilitative mechanisms. 

In order to carry out these activities efficiently, the ministry is organized under various departments of which Legal Service Executive Office is of them. The Office performs various legal activities such as representing the ministry in legal proceedings, drafting legal instruments, giving legal comments on different contractual agreements and advocate for rule of law in different undertakings of the Ministry.

Hence, the overall duties and responsibilities of the office lie on the act of assisting the Ministry in each legal related matter, in which the Ministry needs to accomplish the power and duty vested on it.

  1. Objective of the Executive:-

It is to provide a specialized and high quality of legal service which will assist the ministry to properly execute the powers and dutiesentrusted up on it.

  1. Major Roles and Responsibilities of the Executive Office:-
    1. Drafting legislations (Proclamations, Regulations, Directives, Contracts, etc)
    2. Legal Advising and Consultation Services.
    3. Representing the Ministry in Court litigation and Case Follow Ups.
    4. Providing Training and Awareness creation on legal affairs.