Health Professionals’ Licensing Requirements For Foreigners


  1. Professional documents:- 
    1. Authenticated academic document (Degree, Diploma, Certificate, Transcript for both undergraduate and post-graduate) 
    2. Authenticated professional license from country of origin 
    3. Current work experience and/or letter of good standing from country of origin (the work experience should be two years and above) 
    4. Equivalence letter from Higher Education Relevance and Quality Agency (HERQA) 
  2. Continuous Professional Development (CPD) certificate 
  3. Health examination certificate (not more than three months) 
  4. English language proficiency certificate (for those coming from non-English speaking countries) 
  5. One pass-port size photograph (not more than six months) 
  6. Passport copy 
  7. Request letter from the hiring/ requesting health facility in Ethiopia 
  8. The hiring organization in Ethiopia shall attach a legal renewed license of the organization and mention the scope of the professional practice together with the request letter. 
  9. Fill the application form (in health professional registration and licensing office)  
  10. 100 dollar fee (for those who inquire license for more than three months service)