HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control Office

The Federal HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control Office (HAPCO), established by proclamation in July 2002, is an agency of the Federal Ministry of Health and the executive arm of the National AIDS Council (NAC). NAC, chaired by the President of the Federal Democratic Republic, spearheads the multi-sectoral forum composed of government, private, non-governmental, religious and civic society representatives and people living with HIV/AIDS.
The Federal and Regional HAPCOs are directly accountable to the Federal Ministry of Health and Regional Bureaus respectively. Both the national and regional HAPCOs focus on national and regional level coordination, resource mobilization and multi-sectoral monitoring and evaluation. It coordinates interventions at zonal, wereda and kebele levels through the health structures at these levels.
Contact Information

Telephone: +25111-550-34-62/33 64
Fax number: +251-11-550-40-80
Postal Code: 122326
Address: Near Bambius super market
Afewerk Building, 6th ,7th, 8th Floor,
Addis Ababa, Sub city kirkos, wereda01,