Ethiopian Health Insurance

The Ethiopian Health Insurance Agency was established as an autonomous federal government organ through Regulation No. 191/2010 with the objective of implementing health insurance system in the country. The Agency has established 24 branch offices to implement the health insurance system all over the country.

The Agency is working on implementation of two types of health insurance systems in the country. The first type of health insurance system is Community Based Health Insurance (CBHI), which comprises the community engaged in the informal sectors of the economy. 

The second type of health insurance system is Social Health Insurance (SHI), which comprises the population engaged in the formal sectors of the economy. SHI has been widely implemented in many European, Asian and African countries for years, and now preparatory activities are being finalized to commence implementation of SHI in Ethiopia too.

What is Health Insurance?

Health insurance is a system where individuals or households pay small contributions or prepayments to get health services at the time of illness and to protect them from catastrophic health expenditures. In other words, health insurance is a prepayment system where small contributions are pooled together to insure citizens’ access to health services by avoiding financial barrier.

Ethiopian Health Insurance Agency was established as an autonomous federal organ through Regulation No. 191/2010 issued by the council of ministers.

Ethiopian Health Insurance Agency powers and duties:
•    Establish and implement efficient and effective health insurance system
•    Collect and administer monthly contributions of the social health insurance system
•    Conclude contracts with and effect payment to accredited health service providers and monitor their performances
•    Receive and investigate suggestions and complaints by members regarding service provision and provide appropriate solutions
•    Ensure that health insurance is being implemented in all institutions required to implement it
•    Create conducive conditions to expand and strengthen health insurance, encourage and coordinate those engaged in the field
•    Undertake public education and sensitization on health insurance
•    Undertake studies for revision of the benefit package and amount of contributions; present the result with recommendations to the Ministry; implement same when approved by the government
•    Perform other activities as may be necessary for the attainment of its objectives
Contact Information

EHIA Headquarters
Behind Balcha Hospital, Dama House Building 9th floor

Telephone: (+251) 011-557-66-98/ 011-557-67-15/21/23

Fax: +251 11

P.O. Box 1234
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia