Donation For Health Facility Restoration - In-kind Donation

Steps and Procedures to Facilitate Donations of Medicines, Medical Supplies and Equipment

A.    Initial preparation and communication

We sincerely appreciate the overwhelming willingness and efforts to support the restoration of health facilities in Ethiopia. Below are the steps and requirements for all who want to support these efforts, whom we will refer to as donors, for donations that are made to restore the damaged health facilities: -

  1. Donors should review the list of priority items sent out by the Ministry of Health on its official website to identify list of materials they can donate. This list is meant to guide the major priorities but not meant to restrict donations that are not included in the list. 
  2.  MOH requires a prior communication of the list of items donated for health facility restoration. Prior communication can be made either by:
    1. Direct email communication with MOH focal persons
    2. Filling the online form available at
  3. In the rare case, when donors cannot make an in advance communication, please communicate with the above personnel so that they will arrange a mechanism to receive the donations at Bole International Airport. But we kindly request all to respect the above requirement and communicate at least via email before departure or immediately at arrival.
  4. Once the email is received or donation form is filled, an approval letter will be issued by the Ministry of Health. Please contact the MoH personnel listed above if approval is not issued immediately 
  5. The approval letter will be sent to donors on their personal email account that should be brought along with the items:
    1.  At airport in Ethiopia to hand over the items to the Ethiopian Food and Drug Authority (EFDA) and or Ethiopian Pharmaceutical supplies Services (EPSS for personal check-in baggage.
    2.  At Ethiopian airlines stations worldwide to get the 20% discount for cargo shipments. 
  6. Once approval letters are sent to donors, the list will be relayed to EFDA for PIP (pre import permit) for cargo uplifted items, and for donation at Bole International Airport for items that are coming in a baggage.
  7. Once the approval is received from MOH, below are steps to be followed for cargo and baggage transport of the donated items.

B.    Steps for personal baggage transport to be donated at Bole International Airport.

We prefer for donors and volunteers to use air cargo to send donated health equipment and supplies. However, when it is not possible to do so, the following facilitation is arranged;

  1. MOH in collaboration with Ethiopian Airlines and Bole International Airport has medical supplies donation collection site at bole international airport at a place between baggage claim and customs.
  2. Passengers should bring two copies of the approval letter/ or show the soft copy sent from the Ministry of Health onboard their flight and show/hand it over along with the baggage to the donation site EFDA (Ethiopian Food and Drug Authority) for inspection and EPSS (Ethiopian Pharmaceutical Supply Services)} for storage.  
  3. Items brought for donation do not have to go through customs processing; EPSA as receiver of items will handle processing with customs. 
  4. After handing over the items a copy of the receipt will be proved to the donor by EPSS. 
  5. Items brought for personal use by passengers will go through customs and security by normal procedure. 
  6. Passengers are advised to put items for donation in a separate checked baggage or carry-on bag.

C.    Steps for cargo transportation

  1. Donors will communicate Ethiopian airlines initially for cargo shipment. 
  2. A dedicated line will be established by ET stations worldwide solely for the purpose of information sharing regarding donation acceptance.
  3. For cargo uplifting of donation items, ET will provide a 20% discount. 
  4. Air way bill will be given to donors which they will relay to MOH.
  5. The MOH will relay this air way bill to EPSS. 
  6. Only EPSS can withdraw the items from the cargo.
  7. Any personal item mixed with the donation materials will not be removed for personal use and will be considered as donation. 
  8. Cargo donation materials need estimated pricing since customs needs pricing for declaration. 
  9. Any other item other that medication, medical supplies and equipment that is not listed and approved by MOH/FDA will not be granted permission for entry. 

N.B Below are the minimum requirements/standards by Ethiopian Food and Drug Administration Authority (EFDA) the donated items should fulfill.

  1. All supplies and medication donated should have at least a 6-month expiry date window.
  2. All items should have approval letter form MOH before transportation. But in difficult circumstances for those who come without prior communication/without approval letter from MOH, we will still accept the donations if they fulfill the FDA requirements stated in this guide.
  3. Any reagents are allowed in the country provided they do not contain any type of micro-organisms. 
  4. Any item that requires cold chain for transportation should do so in a cold chain system of transportation.
  5. Items are preferred to be brand new, however, any item that is used or refurbished should have a refurbishment certificate or any document that proves the functionality of the item.
  6. If possible, bring the receipt of purchase or receipt of donation for the items. 
  7. All items should be packaged
  8. Re-labeled items (name of the items, expire date, dosage…) will not be accepted. 

N.B Items will be collected from the airport by the Ministry of Health and distributed through the Ethiopian Pharmaceutical Supply Services (EPSS) to facilities in need. 

Top Priority List of Equipment and Supplies needed for Health Facility Restoration
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                                  Together we can rebuild fast and build back better!!
                                                                Thank you!