Cash Donation for Health Restoration

A brief on the creation of a dedicated bank account to the restoration of damaged health facilities.

The conflict in the northern part of Ethiopia has resulted in extensive damage and looting thousands of health facilities. The ensuing disruption of the health system has seriously impacted the provision of essential and lifesaving health services.  

The Ministry of Health is responding to the health related consequence of the conflict with regional health bureaus and other partners by launching a national Conflict Related Health Emergency Response and Recovery Plan which is being refined progressively as part of the overall government’s Recovery and Rehabilitation Plan. And this requires huge resources. 

The Ministry has called on all Ethiopians, Ethiopian descendants and friends of Ethiopia across the globe to support the restoration effort of the health facilities. The Ministry is grateful for the unity and solidarity displayed with the donation of medical equipment, supplies and medications that is helping the restoration of these damaged health facilities. 
The Ethiopian government has an official national donation account that will address all response and restoration efforts of different sectors. However, considering the extensive damage and the targeted support the health sector needs, a bank account that is specifically dedicated for the restoration of the health institutions has been officially opened and we would like those who are interested to donate money specifically towards the health restoration efforts to use the account below for such support. 

The details of the account are:
Account Name: Ministry of Health - Contribution for Healthcare Restoration
Commercial Bank of Ethiopia 
Account number of 1000448363337
Swift Code: CBETETAA

The Ministry of Health would like to express its deepest gratitude and appreciation for the overwhelming support and dedication showed by all Ethiopians, Ethiopian descendants and friends of Ethiopia.