Addis Ababa Health Bureau

 Addis Ababa
Health Infrastructure: According to the 2012 (EFY) Health and Health Related Indicators published by MoH, Addis Ababa has 13 Hospitals, 98 Health Centers.

Capital City: Addis Ababa

Population: Based on 2012 (EFY) figures from the Central Statistical Agency (CSA) of Ethiopia, the Addis Ababa Region has an estimated total population of 3,686,068 consisting of 1,389,817 male and 1,527,478 female. 100% of the populations are urban dwellers (CSA 2017).

Area: An estimated area of 526.99 square kilometers, this region has an estimated density of 5,535.8 people per square kilometer.




Contact Information
Addis Ababa Regional Health Bureau
P.O. Box 30738
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Telephone: +25111-5-153939
Fax: +25111-5-515689