Legal Affairs

The main objective of the Legal Services Office is to provide a specialised and high quality of legal service, as well as to improve the capacity of the Ministry in rendering quality  services. It is also mandated to regulate protocol at various place of employment, ensuring all employees are treated equally and help them lead their lives as a successful professional, and responsible citizens.  The law should not be implicated to create fear or panic among people, rather it must be viewed as a base for a civilised society. The key activities performed in Legal Service Office are legal document preparation, legal advice for the offices of the Minister and the State Ministers, all directorates and employees of the Ministry, follow-up of court cases and examining disciplinary cases.

The Legal Service Office has one case team undertaking three process-based activities:

Legal Document Preparation

Legal document preparation is primarily concerned with laws, proclamations, regulations and directives, which enhance or protect all activities health sector. The team is tasked to prepare legal documents, which involves attending/organising workshops, embracing best practice and collaboration with qualified experts.

Legal Consultation

  • Consultation with employees of the Ministry and customers regarding various legal issues
  • Develop comprehensive and brief contracts for the Ministry as well as understand incoming contracts
  • Seek cost cutting opportunities and improved services
  • Identify appropriate contracting methods to craft contracts based on length and type of partnership
  • Identify wide-range of safeguarding mechanisms that can be used for non-performance and contract clauses

Court Affairs

  • Analyse existing problems prior to implementing possible solutions
  • Gain unique insight into latest updates of civil and criminal procedures
  • Enhance administration of justice and running of courts using the latest tools and techniques
  • Plan, monitor and evaluate the implementation of practical strategies in order to improve service effectiveness