General Service

The General Services Directorate comprises four case teams:

  • Vehicles Deployment Case Team
  • Publication and Distribution Case Team
  • Office Services Case Team
  • Protocol Case Team

The directorate provides the following major activities:

  • Provide effective services through safety and appropriate deployment of vehicles for field tasks.
  • Ensure the availability of office furniture to employees.
  • Provide effective maintenance services for basic utilities such as water and electricity in order to create suitable working environment.
  • Offer security services within the premises to ensure the safety of employees as well as government properties.
  • Conduct cleaning and aesthetic activities within the premises to create a healthy and favorable work environment.
  • Setup effective telephone operator services to enhance internal and external telephone communications as well as maximize client satisfaction.
  • Production of various publication and teaching materials.
  • Process entry clearance applications and provide protocol services to employees travelling abroad on official business.
  • Organize workshops, trainings, events, meetings and conferences conducted by all directorates at the Ministry.