National Nutrition Program

The Government has developed the National Nutrition Program (NNP) in order to reduce the magnitude of malnutrition; to coordinate, harmonies and scale up current nutrition interventions with a greater focus in community based and high impact interventions; and to harmonize government strategies and various donors programs.

NNP is a long-term initiative that is implemented in two phases for the next 10 years, each phase lasting five years. Currently NNP phase I (July 2008 to June 2010) is being implemented. The NNP targets the most vulnerable i.e. under 5 year children, particularly those under 2 years as well as pregnant and lactating women and adolescents.

It also gives priority to the rural population while recognizing that significant malnutrition exists in low income urban areas. Moreover, a key constraint to be addressed in the NNP is the need for sound institutional arrangements and capacity building which will help to institutionalize, and improve the expansion and sustainability of nutrition programs, while improving the nutrition information system and multi-sectoral linkages.