Resource Mobilization


The objective of Financial Resource Mobilization unit is to ensure availability of adequate financial resources for the implementation of health Programs at various level of the health system.

Financial resource is a crucial input for provision of adequate and optimum quality health services. However, the ever increasing cost of health care and multiple competing priorities in resource poor countries makes financial resources insufficient to make substantial improvements in access and quality of health care.

In Ethiopia, the total health expenditure has been increasing over the last decade from 4 USD/capita to 5.6 USD/capita and then to 7.1USD/capita. The health sector's share from total government expenditure has also increased from 4% in 1995/96 to 5.1% in 2004/05 and 11.6% in 2006/2007. Although a progress, this is still far below the desired 35 USD per-capita required to achieve full health care coverage.

Main Teams of the Unit:

  • Resource Mapping and Mobilization Team
  • Proactive Financial Mobilization Team

Main Activities of the Unit:

  • Conduct regular mapping of resources.
  • Gap analysis in order to utilize all possible supply of financial resources i.e. domestic revenue, taxes, private out of pocket, donors, NGOs etc. thus ensuring continuous flow of Program funding.