Mission, Vision & Objectives

Our Vision

To see healthy, productive and prosperous Ethiopians.

Our Mission

"To promote health and wellbeing of Ethiopians through providing and regulating a comprehensive package of promotive, preventive, curative and rehabilitative health services of the highest possible quality in an equitable manner."

Our Values

  • Community first
  • Collaboration
  • Commitment
  • Change
  • Trust
  • Continued
  • Professional development

Strategic Objective

  • Community
  1. C1: Improve Health Status
  2. C2: Enhance Community Ownership
  • Financial Stewardship
  1. F1: Improve Efficiency and Effectiveness
  2. P1: Improve Equitable Access to Quality Health Services
  3. P2: Improve Health Emergency Risk Management
  4. P3: Enhance Good Governance
  5. P4: Improve Regulatory System
  • Internal Process
  1. P5: Improve Supply Chain and Logistic Management
  2. P6: Improve Community Participation & Engagement
  3. P7: Improve Resource Mobilization
  4. P8: Improve Research and Evidence for Decision-Making
  5. CB1: Enhance Use of Technology & Innovation
  6. CB2: Improve Development & Management of HRH
  • Learning and Growth
  1. CB3: Improve Health Infrastructure
  2. CB4: Enhance Policy and Procedures

Transformation agendas for this strategic period:

  1. Transformation in equity and quality of health care
  2. Information revolution
  3. Woreda transformation
  4. The Caring, Respectful and Compassionate health workforce

Four Health Sector Strategic Pillars are:

  1. Excellence in health service delivery
  2. Excellence in quality improvement and assurance
  3. Excellence in leadership and governance
  4. Excellence in health system capacity


Powers and Duties of the Ministry according to proclamation 4/87:

  • Cause the expansion of health services
  • Establish and administer referral hospitals as well as study and research centers
  • Determine standards to be maintained by health services; except insofar as such power is expressly given by law to another organ, issue licenses to and supervise hospitals and health services established by foreign organizations and investors
  • Determine the qualifications of professionals required for engaging in public health services at various levels; issue certificates of competence to same
  • Cause the study of traditional medicines; organize research and experimental centers for same
  • Cause research to be undertaken on traditional medicines and, for this purpose, organize centers for research and experiment
  • Devise and follow up the implementation of ways and means of preventing and eradicating communicable diseases
  • Undertake the necessary quarantine controls to protect public health
  • Undertake studies with a view to determining the nutritional value of foods sites