National TBL Program update

Submitted by zelalem.worku on Thu, 10/17/2019 - 15:16

National TBL Program update

  1. Key areas raised/discussed under the sub theme
  • The Key tuberculosis affected populations
  • Engaging NGOs and CSOs in TB prevention and control
  • Community Based TB Care
  • Drug resistant tuberculosis diagnosis and treatment services
  1. Major challenges raised/discussed  

Challenges/Bottlenecks to find Missed TB cases

  • Poor access for rapid diagnostics
  • Political commitment (HEW are only expected to report on MCH activities)
  • Inadequate integration with other programs at all level
  • Lack of commitment by woreda administration.
  • Weak health center and health post network (presumptive referral and follow up)
  • Lack of intersectorial  collaboration
  • Weak TB screening at OPD service outlets
  • Delayed referral system (sample and patient referral)

TB lab services

  • Access and utilization of rapid technology is limited 
  • Postal service issue
    • Supply shortage
  • TB Lap. VS  OPD integration gap
  • Shortage of lab staff 
  • Poor TB lab infrastructure
  • Poor laboratory management

Community TB

  • Indicator: Community contribution cannot be measured by the current indicator (mis-understanding about community contribution)
  • Weak health center and health post network (presumptive referral and follow up)
  • Lack of continuous awareness creation/community mobilization activities at community level (more of campaign)


  • Difficulty for target setting and reporting
  • Lack of quality of TB screening and diagnosis due to shortage of sensitive tests (Chest X-ray, GeneXpert)
  • Lack of inter-sectoral collaboration
  • Budget shortage
  • Lack of prioritization of KAP for intervention
  • No reporting system 


    • Low political commitment
      • Earmarked budget unavailable
      • Contribution of CSOs not tracked
      • No CSO forums
    • Weak collaboration among CSOs and with the government
    • Mapping of CSOs is not systematically done
    • Low number of CSOs working on TB
    • No specific engagement framework dis aggregated by urban and rural
  1. Consideration for EFY 2012 implementation and beyond to be considered in the next HSTP (in the following four categories)
  • Intervention/s that need to be dropped:
    • No intervention to be dropped
  • Intervention/s that need to be modified: No
  • Intervention/s that need to be continued as is: All
  • Intervention/s that need to be newly added:
    • Mainstreaming TB  service in multi-sectorial  sectors
    • Mobile outreach  health service for pastoralist community
    • TB KAP  intervention 

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