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Discussion Approach


Panelists briefly presented:

    • Concept ,expected outcome and implementation strategy I-CARE
    • Hospitals innovative Financing
    • Hospital Amenities Services Management
    • Health professional dressing codes
    • Access to Essential Medical Devices

Raised Points during Discussions


  • The Time for I-CARE implementation seems to be very short?
  • Is the current governing structure and accountability of teaching hospitals may not be suitable for effective I-CARE implementation? What is the plan for this, specially FMoH and MoSHE involvement
  • To implement the recommend health professional dressing code, at regional and facility levels, it needs special permission?
  • Hospital financing reform...who is going to pay the cost? Is there any scenario that people can cover health cost? Or government subsidies?
  • Financing... Private health facilities model... Refund and Revolving fund,
  • 24 hospitals selected and how long is pilot period? Why don't another hospitals start implementation
  • Is there any opportunity to reward the health professions based on performance during I-CARE Implementation?
  • Is there any graduation criteria for the selected 24 health facilities?
  • What about digitalization?
  • O2 supply appeared not priority for I-CARE, and why is that? 
  • To what extent is a document open for modification?
  • Compassionate financing is also required so that the hospitals don't get bankrupt?
  • Donor finance should still be considered.
  • How is Individual-level motivation enhanced?
  • Accountability vs motivation?
  • How is the senior professional's engagement plan/scheme being thought for implementation?
  • Tertiary and secondary level service is costly...diversifying other financing schemes is required?
  • Specification and installation of equipment standardizations should be smooth and implementable as it is current very challenging?
  • What about HEW and support staff dressing code?
  • Mechanical ventilator is a big issue in hospitals, what is FMoH’s plan for this?
  • How do hospitals purchase to implement the recommend dressing code because currently it was a challenge? Is there a solution?
  • How fast do EPSA provide the equipment and medications?

Recommendations and Answers

  • General discussion will be held by tomorrow with H.E Dr Amir and he will briefly give you all the answers regarding the financing assumption
  • Performance based financing approached will be used to encourage the performances of senior health professionals
  • Currently FMoH planning to pilot I-CARE for one year in 24 hospitals only



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