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Non Communicable Diseases (NCD)

  1. Key areas raised/discussed under the sub theme
  • Ethiopia’s Approach to NCD Prevention and Control in Ethiopia
  • The case for investment in prevention and control of non-communicable diseases in Ethiopia
  • Hypertension Prevention, Detection, Treatment and Care in Ethiopia
  • Partnership and Coordination of Hypertension Prevention and Control efforts in Ethiopia


  1. Major challenges raised/discussed
    • No compressive strategic direction for multi sector collective action
    • Poor health seeking behaviour and misconception on hypertension by patient
    • Limited or no budget allocated for NCD
    • Access and supply challenge
    • Poor patents vital data collection and use at public health facilities  
    • Limited local evidence and research
    • suboptimal  advocacy performed  for NCDs and hypertension prevention and control
    • poor quality of blood pressure instrument in most health facilities, calibration and maintenance of instruments.
    • No clear accountability frame work for implantation of NCD/HPT prevention and control
    • Have no performance indicator and limited monitoring mechanisms


  1. Consideration for EFY 2012 implementation and beyond to be considered in the next HSTP (in the following four categories)
  • Intervention/s that need to be dropped: None
  • Intervention/s that need to be modified: None
  • Intervention/s that need to be continued as is:  None
  • Intervention/s that need to be newly added: Multi-sectoral engagement for NCD prevention and control with clear role and responsibilities




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