Current progress of NTD under global and HSTP

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Discussion on Current progress of NTD under global and HSTP






  • Inadequate WASH services to complement gains made in reduction of NTDs through MDA
  • WASH investment is costly and need financial resources
  • Inadequate domestic resource allocation and mobilization (donor dependency)
  • Inadequate leadership and political commitment from lower level government structures
  • Human and financial resource shortages at district level for coordination and integration of services
  • Lack of capacity of available staffs at lower level structures
  • Lack of evidence on WASH coverage threshold required for impacting NTDs
  • WASH sector program indicators focus only on access and not on impacting disease prevalence
  • Coordination dependent on partners (ownership from government from lower level structure)
  • Lack of accountability attached to coordination and integration


  • Strengthen already initiated National WASH and NTD coordination and integration and cascade to lower level structures
  • Advocacy for political commitment and ownership of WASH and NTD programs including coordination and integration
  • Domestic resource allocation for coordination and integration activities
  • Human resource assignment for coordination activities at lower level structures
  • Integration and coordination within sectors (E.g. Disease Prevention and HEH directorates)
  • Integration of NTD and WASH Programs within the Primary Health Care Unit/system
  • Advocacy for coordination at source (joint programs/projects for donors)
  • Evidence synthesis and sharing for scale up (There are joint programs in multiple areas that need to be documented and shared
  • Advocacy for WASH resource prioritization (OWNP) for NTD endemic districts
  • Resource for operational research



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