ERMP - Announcements

Dear ERMP 2020 applicants,

After a long journey of registration, screening, exam, and matching we reached the step of identifying reserve candidates out of the total unmatched ones (closer to 3 thousand) according to their 1st choice and exam score.

Here is the shortlist of 256 reserve candidates for each specialty taken out from the existing long list of reserves, and we would like to remind each candidate in the shortlist that whenever we receive an official letter from registrar offices or respective medical schools about the availability of vacant spots (for which matched candidates did not register), we will immediately contact you according to your order in the reserve list through the phone number you left during the initial ERMP registration. Those who agree to be deployed to the available spots will get a letter of deployment from the ministry and will be considered as matched.   

If you have any inquiries in this regard you can call the Ministry’s hotline service (952) or email: 

list of reserved is posted on Ministry of health Facebook Page.


Criteria for registration

To all candidates who are matched to Mekelle University ERMP2020/1.

1.  Registration date on March 18-20, 2021G.C.

2. Department-level orientation on March 22, 2021.

3.  They must come with
    A. Official Transcript
    B. letter of sponsorship /except for FMOH sponsored/
    C. ID and 4 Passport size photographs.