ERMP Registration 2020

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Instruction for 2020 ERMP Registration

Dear applicants,

Please read the ERMP guideline thoroughly and the instructions below before you start filling the application form

1. Create ERMP account

To register you need first to have an account for ERMP 2020 which you will need it thorough out the ERMP 2020 up to matching. Any ERMP account you had in previous years is not applicable for this year’s ERMP. To have an account you need to sign up. To do so:

  • Go to ; then under “our systems” select the ERMP portal;
  • Write your valid email address and a new password in the space provided and keep them in your note book since you will need them until matching;
  • Confirm your new password and click sign up; then close this page;
  • Then check your email; you’ll find there a confirmation message from ERMP; Click confirm and close your email page;
  • Now go back to and insert the email address and password you used while signing up; and click sign in; you are there!

2. Selection of specialty:

  • you can choose up to three specialties in order of your preference;
  • But selecting at least one choice of specialty (as 1st choice) is mandatory;
  • For those of you who are sponsored by federal sponsors, charity or private organizations, the choice of specialty/ies and their order must go in line with your sponsor’s choice and order (as it’s indicated in the sponsorship letter).

3. Selection of study sites (universities):

  • You can select all available study sites (universities) for each specialty from the list provided; but selecting at least one university for each of your choice of specialty is mandatory; Enrollment capacity of each school for 2020 is attached.

4. Medical License (employment letter:

  • Make sure that you have a scanned copy of your medical professional license and upload it on the space provided while registering. Those of you who graduated before Ginbot 1, 2011 EC can upload your letter of employment as a GP given from MOH or RHB or zone if you’re unable to get your license. The name you fill in the application should exactly be the same as it’s on the licensing document or the employment letter.

5. Sponsorship:

  • Candidates can be sponsored by MOH (Central sponsorship), or Federal organizations (like defence, police, prison etc.), or Charity organizations, or Private organizations, or they can be Self-sponsored or foreign applicants;
  • For those sponsored by MOH or those who are self-sponsored NO NEED to upload any sponsorship letter; just select MOH or self-sponsored respectively and move forward;
  • All applicants sponsored by Federal or charity or private organizations should select the name of their sponsoring organization from the list given; if not in the list then select “other” and write down the name of your sponsoring organization; then they must upload a scanned copy of a valid sponsorship letter in the space provided;
  • Foreign applicants should upload a letter from Ministry of foreign affairs or MOSHE during registration; and also bring the necessary documents (original and copy of their degree, transcript etc) in person to their exam hub on a date to be notified by MOH following the end of registration period. For details please refer the ERMP Guideline.

6. Declaration form:

  • Please make sure that you comply with the statements specified in the ERMP guideline and the declaration statements specified in the declaration part of the registration; then please check the box next to “I agree”.

7. Application fee:

  • Please make a payment for application fee as it’s stated in the ERMP guideline and upload the scanned copy of the receipt in the space provided; if not, your registration will be rejected. Those applicants who upload irrelevant documents will be disqualified from the competition.

8. Confirmation:

  • When you are done with the application fee page your application gets on pending;
    • if your license and application fee slip you uploaded are appropriate and valid, the ERMP team will confirm your application. Then a page to select your exam hub appears;
    • if you did not upload a slip for application fee your application remains pending and you can’t go to the next page until you do so;
    • If you attached any inappropriate document, your application will be on pending for another 24 hours so that you’ll be able to remove them and upload the appropriate ones; if not, your application will be “rejected”, and you will be out of the competition.

9. Selection of Exam Hub:

  • You are advised to choose the exam hub which is closer to your current address;
  • Each hub has a maximum number of applicants to be handled (ceiling) for the exam;
  • This year we’ll have a total of 21 hubs (mentioned at the end) and 8 of them are new. If the total number of applicants registered in any given hub by the end of registration is found to be less than 50, we’ll be forced to merge the hub with the nearby hub.

10. Submit your application:

  • Now you are on your final page of application. Here you are expected to submit your application. But, be reminded that once you submitted your application you will not be able to edit any information.
  • Thus, before submitting your application, make sure that every page is properly filled and the attachments you uploaded are the appropriate ones. If you find anything to be edited, you can revise and change as you wish as long as your application is not submitted.
  • Please don’t forget to submit your application before the dead line date of the registration, and keep the confirmation page in print/save after submitting. The earlier you submit the more chances you’ll have to get your choice of hub before it reaches its ceiling.

11. Revision of choices:

  • This year, for the first time, applicants will be allowed to revise or edit their choices of specialty and university for one week immediately after the notification of exam result.

12. Couple applicants:

  • If there are couple applicants applying this year, both are advised to upload a scanned copy of their valid marriage certificate; those couples who do not upload their marriage certificate during registration will not be eligible to submit their appeal after matching.

13. Government obligation:

  • Please be reminded that candidates who either didn’t finish their compulsory service as general practitioner or didn’t pay-back their undergraduate cost-sharing expense (loan), the remaining years of service will be added to their future service as a specialist.

14. Register only once:

  • Candidates who register multiple times (more than one) using different email accounts and submit them in one registration period will not be eligible to sit for the exam (they will be totally disqualified).

15. No multiple chance of matching:

  • Candidates who have been matched in the previous ERMP rounds (2017-2019) and registered in a certain teaching institution as a resident are not allowed to register and compete in the present year; and if they are found, they will be disqualified.

16. Enquiry:

  •  If you have any enquiry regarding the 2020 ERMP you can dial to hot line # of 952 of the Ministry of Health from Monday to Friday during working hours.


List of exam hubs for 2020 ERMP


  1. Addis Ababa University
  2. St Paul Hospital MMC
  3. Bahirdar University
  4. Gondar University
  5. Jimma University
  6. Mekelle University
  7. Hawassa University
  8. Haramaya University
  9. Adama ASTU
  10. Debrebirhan University
  11. Wollo University
  12. Arbaminch University
  13. Debretabor University
  14. AAU ASTU
  15. Axum University
  16. Ambo University
  17. Arsi University
  18. Jigjiga University
  19. Wachamo University
  20. Wolkite University
  21. Debremarkos University


Blueprint Matrix for ERMP 2020 Exam

blue print ERMP