Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact the Ministry of Health?

You can connect with us in a variety of ways. The Connect page of this website has our address and telephone numbers and our Facebook page is a great place to read about recent news and leave comments or questions.


Who are the Health Extension Workers in Ethiopia?

They are more than 38,000 health extension workers—with one woman for every 500 families— have fanned out in communities across the country to wage a house-to-house battle for better health. To learn more about our Health Extension Program, click here.        


What is the Health Development Army?

Ethiopia's Health Development Army is a network of more than three million volunteers working in communities across Ethiopia. They work at the neighborhood level to disseminate information and push for changes that can reduce disease and deaths.


Where can I find information on HIV services in Ethiopia?

Please refer to the following documents and resources for more information:

Where can I find information on Malaria in Ethiopia?

Please refer to the Malaria Prevention and Control Program.