Second Annual Review Meeting of HSTP


ARM 2016

The 19th Annual Review Meeting of the Second HSTP to be held in Gondar,Amhara regional state

Major Theme:

"Improving the performance of the health system፡ a foundation for universal health coverage."

"የተሻለ የጤና ስርዓት አፈፃፀም ለሁሉ አቀፍ የጤና አገልግሎት ሽፋን መሰረት ነው!






  1. Organization of the discussion themes

1.1.ARM 2017 participants will be organized into eight (6) discussion groups based on the following themes or topics:-

Group Discussion Area (s)

Group Number

Group Discussion Specific Topic(s)



Facilitator (s)

Revolutionizing the information system: challenges and the way forward


Data quality problems and data verification

Dr. Desalegne Tegabu and Mr. Eyob Kebede

Dr. Ebba Abate

Mr. Solomon Hagos – Italian Aid




Mengesha Hidego

Tewabe Manaye

Research and Data triangulation(data center

Digitalizing health sector: plan

Information culture

Transforming Woreda: lessons and recommendations


Public Health Emergency Management (PHEM)/ Hygiene and sanitation/ HNAP

Mr. Aschalew Abayneh

Dr  Abiye Haddis,  

Dr Berhanu Amare



Solomon Abay Emebet Alemu

Re-optimizing Heath Extension Program

Dr. Zufan Abera,

Dr. Hibret Alemu

Implementation of School Health Program: approaches and potentials

Mr. Sintayehu

Dr. Luwam Gari


Health care financing

Mr. Mideksa Adugna


Mrs. Roman Gebreyes




Eyerusalem Kebede

Mohammed Ormango



Community Based Health Insurance: bottlenecks and

Mr. Atakelti Abrha



Quality and equity


Improving quality of maternal and child health services: progress

Dr. Ephrem Tekle

Awoke – UNFPA



Meskerem Abebaw


Ahmed Nuri


The past, present and future of multi-sectorial HIV response: mitigating current challenges and renewing commitment

Dr. Shallo Daba

Dr. Neghist Belayneh -



PFSA: The restructure and way forward

Dr.Loko Abirham

  Bekele – USAID



CRC: status update and recommendations

Dr. Getachew Tollera

Helina Worku – USAID


Yitbarek Tefera

Dr. Zelalem

HRH: challenges and the way forward

Health Population and Nutrition (HPN) Group


All aforementioned topics will be discussed

Dr, Daniel G/ Michael

Dr. Macoura Oulare

Hailu Dawo

Dr. Kedir 


  1. Time and place

2.1.Breakout into discussion groups will start on, Thursday, November 09, 2017 at 08:30 and will continue until 18:00.

2.2.The group discussions will take place in:

  • Conference hall of North Gondar Zone Administration
  • Conference halls located in different hotels in Gondar town and North Gondar Zone Administration – social sector offices

3.Composition of Discussion Participants

In the past, organizing the membership of discussion groups was based on the preference of the participant who indicates his choice by registering to join a group. Evidently, the merit of this approach is that it ensures the satisfaction of the participants and is expected to encourage more lively participation. This year, however, it is intended to organize the  group discussions in line with the Main Theme and the above –mentioned related themes that underpin the Main Theme. It is therefore, believed that rationally grouping participants around discussion themes based on the nature of their work, their expertise, or exposure will ensure more proactive discussion and  realistic recommendations.

  1. Preparation of Briefs

Each group is expected to prepare an introductory brief / discussion paper to help initiate and guide the discussion process. A short guide for preparing this brief is attached to this Guideline.

  1. Two rapporteurs will be selected from each group
  2. The Chairperson of the Group shall be assisted by the Co-Chairperson, expert panelist and  the facilitators
  3. Presentation of Group reports

7.1.In order to ensure a structured and uniform approach to the discussion and to the presentation of the report, groups are advised to focus on/adopt the following broad framework guided by the brief:-

-Progress or Major Achievements

-Problems or Major Challenges

-Way Forward and Recommendations

In order to ensure that reports are structures this way, Chairpersons are advised to steer the flow of the discussion along the broad outlines indicated above and observe strict balanced time allotment. This will help to wind up the discussion on time and have sufficient time for report writing.

7.2.Groups are required to make short (5-10 minutes) power-point presentations at the plenary meeting through their chairpersons/ rapporteurs beginning at 08:30 on Friday, 09 November, 2017.

  1. Group report presentations have to be made ready, and electronic copies must be given to the organizers before 18:30, Thursday 08 November, 2017.

8.Distribution of documents

   Group Chairpersons are advised to:

8.1.Ensure that briefs, relevant documents and this guideline are printed in sufficient copies

           To be shared with discussion participants

8.2.Give documents they want to be distributed to participants to the Policy and Plan Directorate to be copied in sufficient numbers and supplied along with conference bags. 

Site visit and Thematic area




Field Visit Sites

Program  Area

No of Participant

Name of PR

North Gonder



Koladiba Health Center

Health Center Reform


Yordanose Alebachew

Roman Kedu


Jangua HP

Health extension program implementation


Asefaw Degefu

Nigusu G/Eyesuse



Ambagiorgis Health Center


HC Reform implementation


Afework Yihune

Ywondosen Birhanu



CHIS implementation


Alemayehu Bierhanu

Gonder Zuria


Makesegnete Health Center

HC Reform implementation


Amelake Alelegni



Degola Chenchaye         

Health extension program implementation


Tigist Assefa

Debark Zuria

Debark Health Center

HC Reform implementation


Belayneh Ayalew


Kinno Mender 1

Health extension program implementation


Reta Abera



Finote selam Kebele

CHIS implementation


Dawit Birhanu

Tesefaye Yirdaw


South Gonder


Debretabore Hospital


EHSTG, Quality, CRC and high level performing PHCU support reform  Implementation


Taddesse Mamo

Toni Zereaye


Adis Zemen Hc


APTS  implementation


Daniel Birhanu

Metema Town

Metema Town

Metema Hospital


EHSTG, Quality, CRC and high level performing PHCU support reform  implementation


Zelalem Worku

Zewedu Gulema

Gonder Town

Gonder Town




Gonder University Hospital


EHSTG, Quality, CRC and high level performing PHCU support reform Ipmlementation


Eyerusalem Daniel

Wubeshet Taddesse



Contacts and Related Documents Contacts and Related Documents