ARM-2016 First Annual Review Meeting of HSTP (ARM-2016)

First Annual Review Meeting of HSTP

ARM 2016

The 18th Annual Review Meeting of the FIRST HSTP to be held in Hawassa,SNNPR

Major Theme:

"Adressing The GAP: Equity in health care to ensure highest possible level of health for all Ethiopians"

"ፍትሃዊነትን ማስፈን፣  ፍትሃዊ  የጤና  አገልግሎት  ለሁሉም ኢትዮጵያዊያን"

Discussion Subthemes

Group 1: Quality of Care ( Dr Ayele Teshome)

Subtheme: Instituting patient-centered health care delivery system to improve quality of health services

  • Direct engagement with patients and the community as centers of all policies and strategies for quality improvement
  • Improving health literacy, self-care, and patients' experience with the health system
  • Build leadership capacity on quality improvement processes at all levels in the health sector
  • Develop, strengthen, and motivate workforce towards continual achievement of safe and equitable care

Group 2: Health Equity (Hangatu Mohammed/ Dr Ephrem Tekle)

Subtheme: Determinants of health inequality (geography, place of residence, socio-economic status, education, etc…

Subtheme: Strategies under implementation to ensure health equity

Group 3: Information Revolution: - Enhancing Culture of Information use for Decision Making (Noah Elias + Eyob )

Subtheme:  Strategies to Enhance culture of information use at all level of health System

Subtheme: Lessons from the implementation of mentorship for improving data quality and information use, innovations through Connected Woreda,

Group 4: Woreda Transformation ( Dr Zufan Abera + Atakilti Abraha+ Dr Desalegn Zegeye)

  • Subtheme: Creating model Kebeles by mobilizing the community and line offices at the Woreda level,
  • Subtheme: Lessons learned from creating high performing PHCUs, Health Center Reform)
  • Subtheme: Prospects and Challenges of Community Based Health Insurance

Group 5:  An agenda for developing Caring, Respectful and Compassionate health professionals ( Dr Getachew Tollera + Dr Keyredin)

Subtheme: Ensuring professional ethics in health facilities

  • Building capacity for smooth implementation of CRC
  • Strengthen health development army, scope of practice implementation,
  • Establishment of CRC committees in health facilities
  • Presence of scheme for motivating model staff and assignment of CRC ambassadors

Subtheme: Role of stakeholders on CRC (higher education institutions, professional associations, regulatory body, and others)

Group 6: Public Health Emergency Preparedness and Response ( Dr .Daddy Jima and PHEM Team )

Subtheme: Lessons learnt from El Nino and AWD emergency responses

  • Impact of El Nino on health and the burden of  AWD on the health system
  • Response to El Nino and AWD
  • Challenges and future directions

Group 7: Continued Professional Development in Health Sector ( Yehulu  Denekew/Heran Gerba )

Sub theme:- Introducing CPD guidelines

Subtheme:-  The role of  professional associations and Stake holders in implementation of CPD

Group 8:- Transforming Pharmaceutical Fund Supply System in Ethiopia ( Meskele Lera)

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