HE Dr. Amir Aman Minister Ministry of Health Speech Given at the African Healthcare Conference

H.E Dr Amir Aman

Your Excellency Dr. Ulrike, Vice-President Healthcare, GSI     

Dear Officials of the Federal Government of Ethiopia and Regional Health Bureaus,

Dear Representative of Development Partners,

Dear Invited participants,   

Ladies & Gentlemen,

I am delighted to be here today and welcome you all to, Addis Ababa, the capital of Africa and more importantly to the first African Health Care Conference on Track and Trace for Access to Safe Medicine.

Thank you all for coming!

Every day millions of patients across the world depend on safe medications. Unfortunately, the significant prevalence of counterfeit medicines presents a huge threat to patients’ safety and livelihood, especially in Africa. 

Moreover, counterfeit medicines are significant contributors to loss of lives and have a significant negative impact in particular on our health sectors and economies in general.

Many of the challenges that lead to counterfeit medicines stem from ineffective supply chain systems which are hampered by:

Difficulties in accurate forecasting and conducting of efficient drug quantification,Long procurement lead times,
Lack of real-time stock status information,Waste due to expiry and damage, and An inefficient recall processes.

As a result, trust and credibility in the supply chain has been compromised due to lack of transparency and accountability. 

Therefore, the implementation of globally harmonized standards is a non-negotiable imperative.  

To this end, I want to assure you that the Government of Ethiopian is committed to align with the global community’s efforts to move forward in developing harmonized traceability systems in order to build trust, improve patient safety and supply chain efficiency.
I am confident that this conference will bring awareness on the importance of global standards, implementation of sustainable traceability systems, and regulatory alignment in the world and in Africa.

Finally, at this conference in particular, and subsequently, in our respective countries, I want encourage you all to:

Develop consensus and understanding regarding the challenges we all face in stopping the circulation of counterfeit medicines in our countries, because we cannot do it alone.
Come up with a global approach to tackle this issue, because the problem of counterfeiting is a global one
Develop a platform for exchange and use of information, because such efficient and effective communication across stakeholders is indispensable
Support our pharmaceutical industries with the necessary resources to become active participants in the global market. Having transparency and accountability will provide the credibility to our industries for global competition and help comply with the global requirements for export.

Once again, on behalf of the Government of Ethiopia, I would like to welcome you all to Ethiopia and wish you a productive and successful conference.