ERMP Instruction for Registration

Instruction for 2019 ERMP Registration

Dear respected applicants,

Please read the instructions below and the ERMP guideline before you start filling the application form

  1. Provide the requested information genuinely.
  1. Sponsorship: Before you fill your application make sure that you have a stamped, signed and well stated/written sponsorship letter to be uploaded with your application (unless you are a self-sponsor applicant);
    1. For those who are from regions (except SNNPR) a sponsorship letter from the respective RHB ONLY will be accepted;
    2. Applicants from SNNPR can upload a sponsorship letter from their sponsoring hospitals or zonal offices;
    3. Applicants from federal hospitals and teaching institutions can upload a sponsorship letter from their sponsoring hospitals or institutions;
    4. Applicants who are to be sponsored by private or charity health institutions can upload their sponsorship letter from their organization;
    5. Self-sponsoring applicants are not expected to upload a sponsorship letter, rather, they should upload an application letter (Date of application, applicant’s full name, name of the institution and year he/she earned his/her MD degree, names of institutions and years he/she has been working, current work address, he/she has completed his/her service years commitment, the reason for self-sponsorship and applicant’s signature). Be reminded that they should bring all verifying documents (original & copy) to FMOH, Human Resource Development Directorate, Medical Education Team in person before the end of the registration period; (Please refer the ERMP Guideline for eligibility to register as a self-sponsoring applicant).


  1. Selection of Exam Hub:  you are advised to choose the exam hub which is closer to your workplace. Each hub has a maximum number of applicants to be handled (ceiling) for the exam. If the hub you choose has reached its ceiling you need to select another nearest hub which has still more vacant places to register. Please be informed that the hub where you are going to take the exam has no any impact on the would be study site where you are going to be assigned.
  1. Selection of specialty: You can select one or two or a maximum of three specialties to compete for. But be reminded that you have to choose only the specialty/specialties for which you have secured sponsorship. The order of your choice of specialty must go in line with your sponsor’s order of choice.
  1. Selection of study sites: Any Candidate can choose and compete for all available study sites for his/her choice of specialty.
  1. Declaration form: you are advised to have specific medical tests (ophthalmologic examinations) before you complete the declaration form. Be informed that respective departments will do medical checkup to attest. 
  1. Submit your application before the dead line for registration. Candidates who do not SUBMIT their application (remained in draft status) before the end of the registration period will not be eligible for exams.
  1. Register only once. Candidates who register multiple times using different email accounts will not be eligible to sit for exam (will be totally disqualified).
  • For more information contact us: 0115157930


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