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Announcement for Applicants’ Result notification

Dear 2020 ERMP Applicants,

We are pleased to announce the results of all 4069 candidates who took both Part I and Part II MCQ exams in 20 exam hubs. We sincerely appreciate your patience and we would like you to be informed on the following points:

  • Those who missed either of the exams (Part I MCQ or Part II MCQ) are not included in the list attached;
  • For paper-based exams (@ Mekelle Hub) results were generated using an automatic optical character recognition (digital image processing); 
  • Results are listed according to your individual user ID numbers;
  • Editing your program and university choice is OPEN till Jan 22, 2020. If you want to change your program and university choices, click the Application Details link in the above and on the bottom of your application details page you will find (Edit Your Program and University Choice) button

 As per the ERMP 2020 Guideline, candidates can submit their appeals from the date this result has been posted until January 22, 2021, to Human Resources Development Directorate, Ministry of Health through the Ministry’s  952 hotline service or email (Email: 

We’ll not accept any appeal in person and no appeal is to be entertained after the end of the stated date (after January 22, 2021).

                                                 ERMP Result

                     Human Resources Development Directorate, 
                 Ministry of Health, Addis Ababa, January 15, 2021