ERMP - Announcements

Dear 2012 E.C Academic Year ENRMP Applicants

It has been a while since you took the entrance examinations to join the residency program in 2012 Ethiopian Academic year. After the notification of your results, we entertained inquiries raised by some of the candidates through telephone, email and in-person as well.

Thereafter, we have cross-checked your field of choice against your organization’s choice in the sponsorship letter. For some of you, we found that there are discrepancies between your choice/s and what you are sponsored for. Accordingly, we made a correction based on the official sponsorship letter. Therefore, this is to notify you that matching is done only for the field/s that you are sponsored for. Please be informed that complaints on-field/s you are not sponsored for is not acceptable.

Your matching status is available on the ministry website NRMP page starting from today. For the purpose of candidates’ confidentiality, you can see your matching status from NRMP login account only. To see your matching status please use your registrations Email address and User Password, Login and then go to Matching Status. Maximum and Minimum scores for each specialty program with the respective university will be posted on the webpage so that candidates will be able to crosscheck the accuracy of their matching result.

N.B: For any inquiry about the matching candidates can submit their appeals from September 3 - September 17, 2019, to MOH via the following email address.

Maximum and Minimum scores for each specialty program with the respective university: